Forgiven: The singer went topless on a field for her We Found Love video in 2011. Reuters

Pop star Rihanna has been forgiven by a Christian farmer who kicked her off his land for going topless while filming a pop video.

Alan Graham, from Bangor in Northern Ireland, made headlines in September 2011 when he demanded that the singer, who was filming the video for her hit single We Found Love, leave his barley field because she was dressed "indecently".

Despite a backlash from fans, he said her raunchy antics had become "unacceptable".

"If someone wants to borrow my field and things become inappropriate, then I say, 'Enough is enough," he told the Telegraph.

"I wish no ill will against Rihanna and her friends. Perhaps they could acquaint themselves with a greater God."

In a grand display of Christian forgiveness, Graham sent her a congratulations message after the raunchy promo bagged MTV's Video of the Year award.

He told the Sun: "I will not judge her and I will never condemn her. I found her to be a nice girl."

The 62-year-old farmer still insisted, however, that the video "focused too much on sexuality".