Red dawn
The Wolverines get ready to take America back (Reuters)

The first trailer has been released for the divisive Red Dawn remake.

Many fans of the original 1984 hit, which saw Russia invade the US and Patrick Swayze lead a team of rebels in a fight to reclaim their home, was very much of its time, with a remake unlikely to please a more politically cynical audience.

When the film was first announced in 2008, it was understood that the communist threat would come from China, although the trailer reveals that MGM did not want to alienate the Chinese box office and opted instead for North Korea.

The film seems to follow a similar plot to the original, with the US army shut down in an apparent technological attack, leaving Chris Hemsworth and his team of "Wolverines" no choice but to fight back themselves.

It remains to be seen how the remake will be received with its politics diluted by the lack of a cold war setting. In a clever mood, the film will be released on Independence Day, clearly banking on the country's conservative audiences putting down their Tea Party placards and sitting down to watch some cinematic anti-commie violence.

With the success of The Expendables and the subsequent revival of old-school action thrills, it's clear that there is a diehard action cinema audience out there. However, its reaction to a remake of a film that veered towards parody with its extreme politics will be an interesting sounding board for the political opinions of the states. Don't be surprised to see Mitt Romney profess his love for the film.

As far as box office success goes, the huge takings of subtlety-shunning propaganda machine Act of Valour seems to suggest the way to the US audiences' wallet is still through its flag.

Red Dawn will be released on November 21. See the trailer below: