Registration for tickets to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro has opened, with some tickets available for just 40 Brazilian reales (£10) and 20 reales (£5) for students and seniors, the Rio 2016 organising committee announced Thursday (January 15).

Registration is open to residents and non-residents of Brazil on the Rio 2016 website, which is the first of a multi-stage process for the sale of 7.5 million tickets.

Applications for tickets can be made by residents of Brazil in March, when the draw phase commences. This phase will include two lottery draws.

The real time sale of remaining tickets will then take place online from October 2015, and tickets will be sold directly at the box office from June 2016.

Tickets for non-residents of Brazil will be available through authorised resellers in each country, appointed by the relevant National Olympic Committee and Rio 2016.

The list of authorized resellers will be available on the Rio 2016 website in March 2015.