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FDA Warns J&J Unit for Selling Faulty Insulin Pumps

In a warning letter sent to Johnson & Johnson's unit Animas Corp, the U.S. health regulator said the company continued to sell faulty insulin infusion pumps last year, despite being aware of its failure modes.

Chlorophyll Helps Prevent Cancer: Study

A new study has found that chlorophyll in green vegetables reduces tumors up to a point, but high exposure to cancer causing agents can have just the reverse effect.

1 in 5 Americans Suffer from Mental Illness

A new report reveals that 45.9 million or almost 20 percent of the adult American population experienced mental illness in the past year, but a majority of them refrained from getting medical help due to lack of insurance coverage.

Why Gossiping is Good for Your Health

Next time someone gives you that jeering look while you gossip, tell them it's not such a bad habit after all. A new study from the University of California, Berkeley, suggests that rumor-mongering can actually help lower stress, prevent exploitation and, more importantly, keep the bad guys at bay.

The Most Common Disease You've Never Heard of

About 5 million Americans, mostly women, suffer from a rare disease that they most probably have never heard of, but the condition could lead to high blood pressure, stroke and aneurysms.