Singer Adele, who recently announced that she will be performing at the Grammys thsi month, is "a little too fat," says Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld. Reuters

The British singer Adele became the victim of a death hoax on Twitter, following two other celebrities Demi Moore and Cher in the same week.

'RIP Adele' was trending on Twitter on Saturday forcing people to wonder whether the singer was actually dead or not.

On Friday, "RIP demi Moore," was a trending topic on Twitter with the news of the actress being hospitalised after a 911 call.

On Thursday, it was the turn of Cher. 'RIP Cher," became the trending topic overnight Thursday to Friday morning, till the hoaxers get Demi Moore as the victim.

However Rihanna was the first celebrity to die on Twitter in the New Year. On January 9, there were rumours of the death of Rihanna in a plane crash.

But the trend of posting false rumours about the death of celebrities has become disgusting for Twitter users themselves.

The social networking site has been flooded with messages to stop this unfunny trend of killing celebrities on Twitter.

Some of the messages read:

"RIP Adele? What theeee.......... SERIOUSLY NOT FUNNY! Twitter needs to stop killing people."

"That awkward moment when RIP Adeleis trending, and she probably doesn't even know she died."

"RIP Adele? Trending topic? People can be really stupid sometimes."

"So far in the last week, RIP Adele, RIP Demi Moore,RIP Cher have all trended. Twitter needs to stop killing people."

"Ini RIP Adele sempet jadi TT katanya. Buset, you need to stop killing people, Twitter!"

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