Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo's social media presence points towards creating leverage in his contract negotiations with Madrid.

If we were in any doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo's public revelation regarding his contract situation at Real Madrid confirmed that announcements are now rendered meaningless without the influence of social media.

The reality is that regardless of the fanfare which accompanied the post, Ronaldo's stark denial that a contract extension at Madrid had been agreed sent tremors through world football, in this case in the form of 'retweets' and 'likes'.

It is very easy to downplay updates from sportsman on social media, the trivial nature of the source being a pretty big giveaway. Such is the profile of Ronaldo, one of the most recognisable sportsman on the planet, that anything from a brush of the hair to a full on walk in the park creates headlines.

As choreographed as Daily Mail celebrity holiday photos, Ronaldo decided to send out the update on one of the slower news days, middle of the afternoon; totally inconspicuous. What has followed, are suggestions that he may renew one of European football's great love affairs, and return to Manchester United.

Such rumours that give a new meaning to the term 'silly season'. If the Ronaldo brand is a microcosm of football's new age, with brand rapport essential and sponsorship compliance necessary, then the Portuguese winger has no time for sentimentality.

Madrid president Florentino Perez has somewhat shown his hand in declaring he wishes to make Ronaldo the best paid player in world football, drawing level with Anzhi's much decorated forward Samuel Eto'o , whose football credence is now buried deep beneath his gargantuan pockets.

Perez is the flakiest of all football characters, so while Ronaldo's 'people' will have seen the door open to a contract with his children's inheritance name on, he will be in no mood to allow the offer to slip through his fingers.

What the Portugal international can be assured of is offers from elsewhere will be regular, not least from big spending French pair Monaco and Paris Saint Germain, both of whom have the finance to put their money where their mouth is.

Financial demands that United, whose American based owner the Glazers are managing the club's enormous debt while juggling the demands of fighting on four fronts on the pitch, are unable to compete with.

And while Ronaldo might flirt outrageously with a potential return to the Premier League, he is merely gaining leverage as he negotiates a new contract at Real. Any love he may profess for United is hollow and fraudulent. They merely represent the biggest of bargaining chips.

Subdued celebrations following goals for Madrid during the past season suggests Ronaldo doesn't mind thrusting the most private of negotiations into the public agenda. In one fell swoop, 58m people on Facebook and 18m on Twitter were dragged into negotiations in which they have momentarily become the flys on the wall. Ronaldo's PR masterminds will hope to manufacture more politics to make even harmonious negotiations even uglier.