Ronda Rousey
Rousey has not featured in the octagon since December and is said to be pursuing a WWE career Getty


  • Rousey is said to have unofficially retired from the UFC.
  • Edmond Tarverdyan says Rousey needs a challenge like Cyborg.

Ronda Rousey's head coach Edmond Tarverdyan has refused to rule out one more fight for the former UFC women's bantamweight champion.

Rousey (12-2 record in MMA) has not been seen in the octagon since her first round loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in December 2016 and is said to be unofficially retired.

However, Tarverdyan, who has been in the 30-year-old's corner for every one of her fights, believes one last bout could be a possibility and has earmarked Cris Cyborg (18-1-1 record in MMA) as a potential opponent.

Cyborg recently won the women's featherweight championship at UFC 214 in July and a dream fight between her and Rousey has long been anticipated by fans.

"That's the one," Tarverdyan said on the MMA Hour. "I want that fight. When I trained Ronda, I know Ronda could beat Cyborg. I know that. Cyborg is too slow."

"We'll live and we'll see. If injuries weren't there and everything was where it was, we would take that fight and I'm telling you she's too slow for us. And Ronda will beat her.

"Ronda needs a challenge that she really needs to be like this person is no good and I need to prove something to the whole world. That's how Ronda works good.

"And she didn't have that with Holly, she's the one that pushed and wanted some aggressiveness before the weigh-ins. This one she has it. She said she cheated before, she's hurt women and she wants to come and beat her."

Whether Rousey actually returns to the octagon is another question though, as "Rowdy" has since gotten engaged and married and is believed to be pursuing a WWE career.

However, if she does return to the octagon one last time to which Tarverdyan rates as a 50-50 chance, he thinks Rousey will perform like never before.

"That's why if she wants to make a comeback and get one fight, I think she will do the best she's ever done and I think she'll be victorious," he added. "Because I know Ronda's personality, because she's happy right now and she has a good challenge in front of her that she focuses on. I think whatever she wants to do right now, she can do. It's in her mind."

"It's gonna be her decision, if she fights. One more, I don't know. I've spoken to her. I don't know if she'll do it. One more fight, maybe. If she really can. If her body does give her one more fight and she really wants to mentally, she might. It's 50-50 right now I would say."

Cris Cyborg
Cyborg and Rousey have not seen eye to eye in the past Getty