A Russian Sukhoi Super Jet 100 has gone missing on a demonstration flight over West Java in Indonesia with 46 people on board, including businessmen and Russian envoys. The Indonesia military said the plane "fell" from the sky.

Indonesia's search and rescue agency said radio contact was lost with the plane after it descended to 6,000 feet.

A transport ministry spokesman said "The plane was doing the first flight around midday as part of a demonstration programme. It returned to the airport successfully, but when it took off the second time, it lost contact around Bogor. A helicopter has been dispatched to look for the plane.

Meanwhile anxious rel.atives wait at HALIM PERDANA Kusumah airport for news of loved ones.

Names are being put up on the walls, many of which will be associates of the airlines and the Russian Embassy.

The Super jet 100 is a mid-range airliner that can carry up to 100 people, and is the military plane- The plane, which took off at 07:00 GMT, is believed to have had about four hours' fuel aboard. The rescue search will continue later.

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