Following its Apple related troubles launching the new Galaxy S2 tablet, Samsung has launched a new ad campaign promising to launch a new, as yet unspecified, product 1 Sept., 2011.

The adverts did little to reveal what the mysterious new product could be.

Citing the ongoing strength of its incredibly successful Galaxy range of smartphones, many have speculated that the "big" release could refer to a new high-end handset.

To date, though only released around three months ago, Samsung boasted selling in-excess of five million Galaxy S2 smartphones. The news has led many to speculate that the new mystery device could see Samsung attempt to follow up this success releasing its fabled Google Nexus Prime handset.

Other analysts have speculated that the future product may be a new tablet.

The analysts argued that Samsung may have chosen to cut its losses after Apple successfully stalled the tablet's release. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 had been banned in several countries after Apple made a complaint alleging that the device infringed on several of the company's design patents.

It was only earlier in Aug., 2011 that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was granted a temporary reprieve by the courts, which lifted the ban after certain evidence used by Apple in its case, authenticity was called into question.

Samsung declined to comment when asked about its next "big" product.