Sara Payne
Allegations that Sara Payne's mobile phone was trageted by News of the World Reuters

It was claimed yesterday that the mother of murdered school girl Sarah Payne was targeted by the News of the World.

Scotland Yard have told Sara Payne that her phone may have been targeted by disgraced private investigator Glenn Mulcaire after the number of the telephone she was given by Rebekah Brooks was found on his notebook. The Mirror have claimed that Scotland Yard have produced evidence of specific phone hacking however the BBC claims no evidence has been handed to Sara Payne.

Reports in the Daily Mirror claim that officers from Operation Weeting told Sara Payne on Tuesday that they have found her personal details among Glenn Mulcaire's notes. The evidence is believed to relate to the mobile phone Rebekah Brooks gave Sara Payne to help her keep in contact with her supporters. Rebekah Brooks has denied that the mobile phone was a personal gift but did confirm that the News of the World gave Mrs Payne the mobile telephone. Rebekah Brooks stresses that she did not sanction any hacking of the mobile phone, describing the allegations as 'abhorrent.'

The news will further damage the image of News International especially given the fact that Sara Payne worked closely with the News of the World and Rebekah Brooks. Mrs Payne wrote an article in the final edition of the News of the World thanking the newspaper for the support through 'good and bad times.'

Friends of Payne told the Guardian that she is devastated the News of the World would even consider hacking the mobile phone she was given. Payne is very close to Rebekah Brooks and described the former editor of the News of the World a 'trusted friend.' The News of the World campaigned successfully to parliament to change the sex offenders act so that parent's would be given the right to find out if anyone in direct contact with their children has convictions for sexual offences.

It has also been claimed that the police officer leading the enquiry into the death of Sarah Payne had his phone hacked, Newsnight has revealed. There is no suggestion at this time that anyone working for the News of the World was involved.