Following the calls for action from UEFA regarding the racist chants and on-pitch brawl at the shambolic England and Serbia Under-21 European Championship 2013 play-off match in Krusevac, UEFA has announced it has charged the Serbian Football Association with improper conduct, the Serbian fans with racial abuse and the English FA with failing to control players.

The racial abuse charge centres on allegations by England defender Danny Rose that he was subject to monkey chants throughout the match. The Tottenham Hotspur fullback also claimed he was pelted with stones sporadically throughout the game.

The English FA is facing charges of improper conduct of players after a post-match brawl between both sets of players and management. The FA also suggested it might decline to send teams to the Balkan nation in the future, as this follows the 2007 England Under-21 game, where Serbian fans and players hurled racist abuse at the players.

In a statement released by UEFA, they said: "These cases will be discussed on the occasion of the next ordinary hearing of the UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body on 22 November."

Written and presented by Ann Salter.