A first trailer has been released for Seven Psychopaths, the next film by Martin McDonagh, creator of In Bruges.

McDonagh assembles an all-star cast of character actors for the black comedy which looks set to be every bit as original and bad taste as his Golden Globe and Bafta-winning 2008 hit.

Colin Farrell, star of In Bruges, stars as a struggling writer who goes on the run with his best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell), who is in trouble for stealing a shih-tzu owned by crazed gangster Woody Harrelson.

With the support of Christopher Walken's Hans, the pair attempt to skip town with their lives. Croaky-voiced singer Tom Waits also stars, as does Abbie Cornish and former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

If Seven Psychopaths is anything like In Bruge, the majority of the best dialogue cannot be showcased in the trailer, due to his affinity for four letter words. In Bruge suffered initially as its trailer did not sell the film's strengths very well.

With a cast of this calibre and a writer and director at the top of his game, Seven Psychopaths is expected to be an original, dark triumph. Any film that features Tom Waits with a bunny rabbit should get some extra points from reviewers.

Harrelson's role was originally going to be played by Mickey Rourke, but the latter is understood to have clashed with McDonagh and left the project.

Seven Psychopaths will be released in October.