Seven Royal Marines have been arrested over a murder involving an insurgent, in Afghanistan, which is alleged to have taken place a year back in Helmand province. The incident came to light after one of the marines revealed what happened in Afghanistan a few weeks ago and a murder inquiry was immediately launched. The MoD did not elaborate on the specifics of the incident but said it is alleged to have taken place during a confrontation between British forces and insurgents and violated military rules.

The MOD went on to say "The investigation will now be taken forward and dealt with by the service justice system. These arrests demonstrate the department and the armed forces' determination to ensure UK personnel act in accordance with their rules of engagement and our standards". The investigation will be carried out by an MOD special justice system. Which has been set up specifically designed to deal with offences committed by the UK servicemen abroad.

The allegations, if proven correct, could taint the impeccable reputation of the Royal Marines. This will also provide an opportunity for Afghan militants to show NATO forces in a bad light.

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