The X factor judge Tulisa Contostavlos has fired a group from judge's house stage of The X Factor, after they violated her ban on sex.

N-Dubz singer alerted all the eight groups of the show, who were taken to the Greek island Mykonos, not to indulge in any nasty behavior. However, she was enraged after knowing that few of the contenders ignored her warning, reported The Sun.

"She had got all the groups together and given them a stern pep talk, telling everyone they needed to act like professionals if they wanted to make the cut. This meant no boozing, no wild partying and certainly no extra-curricular bonding. She made a point about being a strict judge, and telling the guys to respect this if they wanted to progress," an ITV source was quoted as saying by the tabloid.

Despite being warned, two girls from one group got close with two boys from another group, while two from a mixed group got together. On discovering the incident, Tulisa withdrew one group from live finals, on the lines of disgrace to the show, reported the tabloid.

However, the "We Dance On" singer defended her stand in an interview with The Mirror. She said, "I think before I started The X Factor there was this perception of me as being a bit wild because of my N-Dubz past".

"But hopefully now they see I am not like that at all. I am actually very strict with my acts because I want the best for them. My villa was purposely higher up than theirs so I could keep an eye on them - to see who was awake and who wasn't, and who was rehearsing and who was not." the tabloid reported.