Christmas is a double bonanza for UK television presenter Carol Voderman; she shares the day with her birthday.

The former hostess of popular game show "Countdown" and current co-anchor of ITV1 panel show "Loose Women", Voderman posted a photograph of herself, dressed in a revealing Santa outfit and holding a glass of red wine, on her Twitter account.

Voderman, who turns 51 on Dec. 25, posted the photograph early on Christmas morning, according to a report in the Mirror.

She wrote: "Pic.. 3am this morn after fancy dress Xmas/birthday party ... cheers. "I wish it would be Xmas every day... "!! xx"

She had earlier tweeted: "Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday.... (complete as required!!) xx"

Incidentally, there was something of a standing joke on Twitter that said she tried to convince her followers she was turning 42 and not 51.

"Today's top song is..... 42 today, 42 today, 42 a knock at the door, never been 42 before.... x sssshhhhh," she tweeted.