A pensioner could be Britain's oldest football hooligan after getting banned by a club.

Bernard Wilson turned the air blue in the director's box with foul language at Sheffield Wednesday.

Pensioner Wilson, who is 77-years-old, reportedly ignored warnings to moderate his speech while watching his team Sheffield Wednesday lose 2-0 to Burnley, earlier this month.

Eventually, the patience of VIPs in the expensive seats snapped and Wilson was booted out from his sport,located close to where club officials sit at Hillsborough.

Now Wednesday have slapped a ban on Wilson from visiting the Championship ground for the rest of the season.

Wilson, who claims he has followed his team for 40 years, denied he was a hooligan. "I'm not a yob. I'm a passionate supporter who likes to see my team win, so I shout." Insisting he was "straight-talking Yorkshireman," Wilson told local press the club could "lump it":

"I reckon over the years I must have spent more than £40,000 but now they don't want me. Watching the Owls has been my life.

"I admit I shout a lot and not everybody likes it but I never swear. I am a straight talking Yorkshireman and so when I pay my money to go to a match I'm entitled to say my piece.

"I make sure people know what I think and maybe they don't like it but as far as I'm concerned if they don't like it they can lump it."

A spokesman for Sheffield Wednesday told local press that Wilson gave an ear-lashing to a staff member who tried to stop him from lambasting the toiling Wednesday players.

"Despite several previous warnings, Bernard Wilson again used foul and abusive language at our recent home game against Burnley," said a spokesman.

"When requested to refrain from using such language, Bernard further abused a senior member of staff. This, in addition to previous complaints about Bernard on an ongoing basis, has led to him having his season ticket withdrawn for the remainder of the season.

"We completely recognise Bernard's devotion to the club and passion for Sheffield Wednesday, but this does not exclude him from breaching ground regulations without censure.

"We look forward to welcoming Bernard back to Hillsborough in 2013/14."