Simon Junior to Be Tagged From Birth/Reuters
Simon Junior to Be Tagged From Birth/Reuters

TV mogul Simon Cowell's baby will receive the VIP treatment right from birth, receiving an identification bracelet as soon as he enters the world.

Just days after it was revealed that Cowell and girlfriend Lauren Silverman were expecting a baby boy, a new report suggests the baby will be tagged to ensure there is no possibility of his being switched with another child in the hospital.

The baby will receive one of two matching bracelets, with the other being fitted to Silverman. The device will sound an alarm if mother and baby are separated by more than a few metres.

Cowell has also booked two rooms at a London hotel for Lauren to give birth - even though the baby is not due until next February.

"He and Lauren have taken the decision based on what is best for the baby and they've chosen [the birth to take place in] the UK" a source told the Sunday People.

"Because Simon has to be in the UK for [Britain's Got Talent] at the time, it is the only option. He wants to be at Lauren's side when she gives birth and wants to be with his son after he's born."

Cowell even opened up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and called Lauren adorable. He also stated that it took him sometime to get used to the fact the he was going to be a dad.

"That was a bit of a shocker. When you first get the call, it's like, okay, put the phone down, gulp. And then I got used to the idea. It was kind of uncomfortable, you know, the situation. But these things happen... I'm actually happier than I've ever been. Everything's fine now and Lauren's adorable," Cowell stated.

The mega-rich impresario has even opened an account with the high end baby boutique in Los Angeles, Petit Tresor, for his son. Apparently one of Cowell's assistants called the store to request brochures which offers £965 cradle and cot, a £9,580 wardrobe, a £4,569 dresser and a £1,385 bed. They also left the number of his American express credit card at the store.