Sarah Stage perplexed fans throughout both her pregnancies with a barely-there bump, but the online sensation, dubbed the 'Six pack mom', has revealed that it's not trolls and body-shamers she has to contend with.

Taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old opened up about her struggle to balance motherhood with her career, admitting that she sometimes feels overwhelmed.

"An honest question I've asked myself recently is how the heck will i balance everything? A lot of women don't discuss their feelings about their identity and juggling their responsibilities after becoming a mother," she captioned a snap of her holding her son Logan, born in October.

She continued the online outpouring by saying she always reminded herself that "when we bring a baby into our life, it's not a take away from us, or who we are, or our desires for achievement in our life — it's an addition."

Stage, who left many people perplexed by maintaining a svelte shape even into her third semester, was often slammed for sharing her workout videos and photos flaunting her toned physique. She is already back to her workouts just nine weeks after giving birth. Showing off her multitasking kills she was seen looking after her children while doing squats, lunges and planking. She urged the body-shamers to stay away.

"Going into this new year as a mom of 2, a wife and an entrepreneur I feel very blessed while at times overwhelmed but at the end of the day we are doing the best we can and as long as our loved ones have smiles on their faces then we are doing just fine. #staypositive #weGotThis."

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