A two-year-old video showing a skydiver called Fernando Gava in Lima hanging underneath a plane after a skydiving stunt goes wrong has become an internet hit. The video released only a month ago by Maurice Mathey has been featured by news stations around the world and has been viewed thousands of times on the web.

The video shows Gava getting his jump-suit trapped on a plane as he attempts to leap out of it, after 30 minutes of dangling underneath the plane, one of the other skydivers manage to cut Gava free from the trapped part of his suit. This ultimately allowed Gava to parachute to safety. The video shows Gava landing on the ground and being hugged by his friends and colleagues as they shout "good job Fer".

Mathey said that Gava was a very experienced jumper with over 1,000 jumps to his name and that despite the accident was back jumping the following weekend.