Scottish BMX athlete Kriss Kyle showcased some stunning tricks on moving surroundings in Glasgow for Red Bull, in a video released on Wednesday (11 November). The video showed Kyle riding up and down various objects that included optical illusion elements. It was part of a project called Kaleidoscope which has been in construction for 18 months, Red Bull said.

Behind the scenes footage showed Kyle performing his tricks and examining the raw footage. He said he loved the experience of the shoot. "I couldn't have asked for a better crew and, yeah, it was almost like everyone just clicked and we all fell into place. I made some great friends after that," he said.

Director of the video, Ben Scott, described the preparation for the most dangerous stunt which was done using domino-like pieces attached the wall. "He will only do the dominoes once we think, because it's quite dangerous so we don't want to push our luck with it. So we have to get super, super ready," he said.

"So it's gonna be bit of set up, make sure everyone is 100% there and then we're gonna blindfold him and he's gonna go down it backwards," he joked.

Kyle was born in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1992 and has been riding a BMX since the age of ten.