Social Media Campaign Finds Transplant For Toddler
Guarav Bains has found a transplant match after his parents launched a social media search for donor (ITV/Daybreak)

A two-year-old boy in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant has found his match after his parents launched a social media campaign.

Sunny Bains and his wife Gurpit issued a public appeal for bone marrow donors via social media in September after failing to find a match for son Guarav within their extended family.

The response saw a ten-fold increase in the number of Asian bone marrow donors on the Anthony Nolan register with Guarav finding the match he needed for his life-saving operation.

"It has been amazing, the amount of support we have had. It started with Sunny just putting a tweet saying, 'this is what is happening to us' and it's just spiralled from there," said Mum Gurpit.

Dad Sunny explained the helplessness he felt when Guarav was diagnosed.

"You would rather be in that position yourself rather than your kids, but we have to be strong when it comes to your kids."

Guarav's transplant is set for next month and he will spend a week in hospital having chemotherapy in preparation for the operation.

Sunny said that the family had been given "the best possible present" this year by the donor.