The City of Atlanta has collaborated with Tweetmyjobs and has brought out a new website called the City of Atlanta jobs platform. The City of Atlanta jobs platform is a very unique job portal that provides better career opportunities through social networking websites.

The city of Atlanta jobs platform is a modernized recruitment technology that delivers relevant jobs to job seekers instantly through social networking websites. This portal is also useful for the employers as it is much faster and easier to hire well-qualified candidates from a wider platform.

According to the research, since many people use social networking websites, City of Atlanta and Tweetmyjobs have come up with a platform that allows job seekers to get relevant jobs through social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.

"I am pleased to announce the launch of Atlanta's new online jobs platform in partnership with TweetMyJobs," said Mayor Reed from the city of Atlanta. "TweetMyJobs will help bridge the gap between the jobs our residents are seeking and the positions available. With more than 85,000 job listings on this new platform, this is just one of the ways we are using technology in an innovative way to keep Atlanta working."

"We're proud to be working with a forward-thinking leader like Mayor Reed who understands that mobile is a critical element in the communication and distribution of job opportunities because there are entire segments of the population who do not own a computer but do own a mobile phone," said Robin D. Richards, CEO of TweetMyJobs.

"TweetMyJobs is a cutting edge technology platform that will more effectively link qualified job seekers with open job opportunities in the city of Atlanta," said Yvonne Cowser Yancy, City of Atlanta's Commissioner of Human Resources.