Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry injured his hand early in the season and joined his fellow splash brother Klay Thompson in the injured roster. It is still unclear when either play would return, but in the past few weeks, Curry has been attending games and practice session with the Warriors. Last Saturday, in their game against Orlando Magic, Curry pitched in from the sidelines to help the team win 109-95

Curry became the first person in league history to fulfill the role of "Overpaid Sideline Reporter," according to He joined NBC as a special guest analyst for the game, a role which he enjoyed.

Take a knee
Stephen Curry poses for a portrait during the Golden States Warriors media day at Rakuten Performance Centre in Oakland, California Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Warriors are nursing a 10-game losing streak. Their last victory was against the Phoenix Suns back during the Christmas games. Their current record of 10-34 is the worst in the Western Conference and the entire league. That is a significant fall from being the NBA champions in 2017, 2018, and a finalist last year.

Curry seems to be enjoying his role and talked about the game, Klay Thompson's jersey retirement in his alma mater, and how he is adjusting looking at Warriors games, instead of playing them.

Curry started his new role at the start of the third quarter, which energized the young Warriors in the court. It started a run that ended with the Warriors leading by eight. He stayed on until the early part of the fourth quarter, giving the Warriors a six-point push that they were able to hold to eventually win the game.

The Warriors outscored the Magic 29-19 in the third quarter. The force is strong with the Warriors with the help of their overpaid sideline reporter.

Warriors Coach Steve Kerr is hinting that Curry might return to play sometime in March. His presence would not change the fate of the Warriors this season, but coach Kerr claims it is more of a learning experience for him, Curry, and the rest of the team to get them back on track for the next season. The team injuries are a challenge for the future Hall of Famer. Coach Kerr has 5 championship rings as a player and three as a coach. He is also the best three-point shooter in NBA history. If anyone looks likely to beat him from that title, it would be two players he nurtured himself, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.