Steve Austin and The Rock were involved in some memorable fights during the Attitude Era. Those matches between the former WWE superstars are still fondly remembered by fans who have witnessed them in action in the squared circle.

Their on-screen rivalry played a huge role during the Attitude Era, which majority of fans swear to be the best years of the federation. Although their on-screen antics were great for selling the business, the two wrestlers were actually rivals backstage, according to Bruce Prichard.

Prichard, who has worked as an announcer and was also involved with the creative team of the company in the past, revealed about the rivalry between two wrestlers in a recent interview with The Sun. He said the backstage rivalry between the two heavyweights began after The Rock gained momentum in WWE in 1998.

"They were competitive. Here's [Steve] Austin – your top dog – and you've got a young kid nipping at his heels. Man, they're going to be competitive," Prichard said. "I always used to say, somebody was getting over whoever the top dog was – Hogan, Austin, Rock, or Triple H – would start not complaining, but noticing them."

"They'd say something like, 'Oh, that guy's never going to get over," he said. "Then I knew, OK, this new guy is doing something right because he's got the top talent telling me why he's doing it wrong."

"I remember Austin saying about Rock, 'I don't think lifting his eyebrow and a couple of cute sayings is really going to get you over.' But it did," he said. "People said that about John Cena too. 'That rapping is stupid– that's never going to work.'"

Although they were rivals in and out of the ring, the duo along with other wrestlers of the era help built the company as we know it today - the greatest pro-wrestling promotion in the world.

Steve Austin
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Steven Austin and The Rock in the ring