The Volkswagen series of ads is known to make other Super Bowl commercials look less creative. The 2011 Force commercial portrays a pint-sized Darth Vader using the power of The Force on the Volkswagen Passat. A mix of humour and right pitching, the Volkswagen Force ad hit the bull's eye during the 2011 Super Bowl.

The 2011 commercial was perhaps successful because of an always passionate Star Wars fan base. The idea of an infant Darth Vader strutting around in a slightly over-sized costume practising "the force" on the Passat rang the bell in the commercial.

The commercial for Super Bowl 2012 by Volkswagen features an obese dog working hard to be as fit as the Volkswagen Beetle. Even though the ad has very cute scenes of the dog engaging himself in workouts, it has not reached the level of the 2011 advertisement.

The 2011 advertisement drew rave reviews and was declared one of the best of the year. The 2012 follow-up was, therefore, always going to have a tough act to follow. So tough, that the ad makers decided to put in the star wars characters at the end to connect to the 2011 advertisement.

Volkswagen employs the tactics of releasing the ad before the Super Bowl unlike others who keep it as suspense till the game. This year, Volkswagen has taken a major step of releasing the ad days before Super Bowl.

Super Bowl is the time of maximum viewership in TV and advertising agencies do make sure no stone is left unturned to make the maximum out of it. With a 30s advertisement costing upto $3 million, the best creative advertisements are used for the show.

The 2011 commercial

The 2012 commercial