Madonna dazzled the Super Bowl fans with her Cleopatra-influenced outfit and gladiator-like support artists at the Super bowl halftime show at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The super Sunday has seen the "Material Girl," in one of her best performances, joined by Nicki Minaj during the performance.

Madonna made her grand entry onto the stage with the hit song "Vogue," wearing Egyptian head gear, gold ensemble cheerleader skirt and spiked black boots.

She moved on to perform "Give Me All Your Luvin," her latest single with Nicki Minaj and she closed her 12-minute performance with "Like a Prayer".

Earlier, Madonna revealed how much she was excited about the Super Bowl halftime performance and how hard she was preparing for it.

"Great attention to detail has been paid to my wardrobe. There will be no wardrobe malfunction - I promise," she the reports ahead of the Super Bowl 2012.

"In over 25 years of performing that I've done, I have never worked so hard or been so scrupulous or detail-oriented or freaked out as much as I have," she added.

Check out Madonna's dazzling performance during the Super bowl 2012 halftime show.