After the famous "airbrush fail" by fashion photographer Mario Testino featuring Kate Moss and her daughter for an issue of US Vogue, the new Mango campaign catches the stunning model au naturale.

Appearing effortlessly flawless, the new images feature Moss posing for the acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson in a series of new summer designs from the luxury label.

The Vogue airbrush fail involves accidentally leaving the daughter of Moss in the image with only two fingers and a thumb.

The Mango shoot which took place at the Spring Studios in London showcases the model in her natural self wearing minimal make-up to give a fresh summery feel.

It was last year that the English model, known for her waifish figure, took over from Isabeli Fontana to star in the new Mango adverts. In the past, the label has featured a number of celebrities and models for their various campaigns including Milla Jovovich, Naomi Campbell and Eva Herzigova.

The stylish touch for the Moss advert was done by Géraldine Saglio, while Charlotte Tilbury and Sam Mc Knight were responsible for make-up and hair, respectively.

The new images are a refreshing change from the usually airbrushed campaign adverts that are often featured with the various luxury and fashion labels.

Time and again, models have been featured in advertisements and magazines in impossibly photoshopped images. Such alterations have gained such a level of obsession in the industry that young girls are frequently seen comparing themselves to such images.

"Findings suggest that in female adolescents, there is an interaction between Intense-personal celebrity worship and body image between the ages of 14 and 16 years, and some tentative evidence has been found to suggest that this relationship disappears at the onset of adulthood, 17 to 20 years," according to a 2005 study by L. Maltby.

However, a number of organisations and countries have noticed the hazardous implications of such set standards and are already issuing new regulations to prevent them.

In March, lawmakers in Israel have banned underweight models from catwalks and commercials. Any model having a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 will not be allowed for any modelling jobs. The lawmakers believe that such restrictions will reduce eating disorders and promote a healthy body image within the society. Get a glimpse of the new Mango campaign featuring Kate Moss in the images given below: