On the 7<sup>th of July, 2005, a terrorist attack in London killed 52 people.

Martine Wright was on her way to work. She lost both her legs in the bomb blast.

Now is preparing to compete at the 2012 Paralympic Games.

"I really do think that day, on that tube, I was there for a reason and as I said, you know, I got on that tube but I survived and I count myself so lucky that I survived that day. But for me there's too many coincidences that sort of point to me being part of this great team and having this great opportunity and the actual bombings. You know, it was the day before the bombings happened that it was announced that London had won the Olympic bid, you know, this training venue that I train in twice a week, three times a week is facing my hospital that I lived in and learned to walk in for eight months, you know, the other training venue I train in on a Thursday night is behind my other hospital. You know, it's like the first international we went to we flew out to America on the 7th of July. All these sort of co-incidents I think are telling me that maybe I was meant to do this journey, that maybe I got on that tube that day for a reason, which I know sounds a bit weird maybe to some people."

Martine is now part Team Gbs sitting volleyball squad.

If selected, she will be going for gold at 2012.

She wants her family to share in any success that comes her way.

"I have a little silly thought in my head sometimes when things get hard and that's of my son Oscar, who's now two and a half, you know he'll be a bit older then, three and I've just got a vision of him, sort of, I don't know what he's going to hold up and I hope my husband makes it, but some sort of banner that says 'mummy' or something like that and there's obviously going to be thousands of people in the crowd but I've just got this vision of me walking in the opening ceremony and looking up and seeing Oscar and Nick (husband) and my family and just making them proud really. So yeah I can't really encapsulate what it means in words for me to go back to London to be part of it, it would just be amazing."

Martine is ready to represent her country at the games.

If called upon, she will wear the number 7 shirt.