Terminator 2 jacket up for auction PIC: Heritage Auction
Terminator 2 jacket up for auction PIC: Heritage Auction

It could be the perfect Christmas gift for action film fans: the black leather jacket worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the classic flick Terminator 2.

The motorcycle jacket worn by Arnie in the 1991 film is going under the hammer in an auction which could see it go for more than $16,000.

It looks pretty battered as well, as might be expected from Arnie's battle against the killer robots sent back in time to destroy mankind's last hope.

Donning this slice of film history and saying famous catchphrases such as "hasta la vista" or "I'll be back" in the mirror could make some film fans very happy indeed, so long as they ignore the fact that Arnie doesn't actually say these lines in T2: Judgement Day - despite them being indelibly linked with the character,

There is one small catch though: auctioneers Heritage Auction cannot guarantee the "severely distressed" jacket actually appeared in any scenes. That is because Arnie wore a whole wardrobe's worth of identical jackets during filming.

A spokesman said: "[It is] unclear what scene he wears it in (if any) as his jacket gets shot up from the get-go. Because Schwarzenegger wears a black leather biker jacket in every scene of the film, there would have been numerous versions of it for him to wear during production, especially because it sustains more and more damage as the plot progresses."

Bidding closes on December 5. Check out the auction here: https://entertainment.ha.com/c/item.zx?saleNo=7082&lotIdNo=69001