Tesla Cybertruck is unconventional, to say the least. Its design has inspired memes, Twitter posts and GIFs. Despite its design flaws, the truck seems to have a lot of takers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted on Twitter on Sunday, that the truck already has 187,000 pre-bookings even though deliveries don't start until 2021.

Another interesting fact is that the $39,900 single-motor base model actually has the least bookings. The most popular model is $49,900 mid-range model, which has a sliver more than the high-end $59,900 model. Here's how the distribution goes:

  • Base Model: 17 percent
  • Mid-range Model: 42 percent
  • High-end Model: 41 percent

The biggest reason for this is the range of these trucks. Pickup trucks are used for hauling goods across large distances. The fact that the mid-range model has 300 miles and the high-end model has 500 miles of range is the biggest point in their favour.

It may be less than Model 3's 2,32,000 bookings on day one of launch, but the numbers are encouraging. While Model 3 was a mainstream sedan, the Cybertruck has a design that may throw off some, in addition to pickup trucks being a specialist category. While Model 3 was a cheaper, electric alternative to models such as the Roadster, the Cybertruck is priced at a premium.

Chances are that all deposits may not materialise. Tesla has asked for a much smaller $100 deposit for the Cybertruck, compared to $1000 for the Model 3. Even a significant number of Model 3 deposits did not materialise. The biggest reason behind the cancellation of bookings was Tesla's inability to roll out the car on time. The company, despite Musk's overarching claims, wasn't able to set up proper production lines to deliver Model 3 orders on time and this leads to many consumers losing interest in the car.

Has Tesla learned from previous experiences and will it be able to deliver on its commitments this time? Only time will tell.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla has launched its own pickup truck. Credit: Tesla/Cybertruck