Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra was grilled by lawmakers for a second day on Wednesday (November 27) ahead of a confidence vote, as thousands of anti-government protesters swarmed around government buildings, calling for her to quit.

The vote is scheduled for Thursday (November 28) and Yingluck is expected to survive as her party has a majority of seats in parliament.

Those against her say Yingluck's government is corrupt and that policies favour her family's businesses and their network.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters surrounded ministries and a major government complex as well as 19 provincial offices, in an effort to cripple the administration and for Yingluck to step down.

The Department of Special Investigation was evacuated as about 2,000 surrounded it earlier on Wednesday.

Groups of demonstrators also gathered in front of the ministries of labour, energy, health and commerce in Bangkok.

The protests are all-too familiar in Thailand, which has seen eight years of on-off turmoil, from crippling street rallies to controversial judicial rulings and army intervention.

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