Simon Squibb
Squibb's YouTube video featuring Daisy's journey wasn't just a heartwarming success story - it also generated a windfall of $25,000 HKD YouTube Screenshot / Simon Squibb

While wandering the streets of Hong Kong, YouTuber Simon Squibb bumped into a young woman with a dream: to become a baker. Within a few hours, Squibb went above and beyond, helping her turn that dream into a reality by giving her a nudge towards starting her own business.

The video, titled "I Helped A Stranger Start Their Dream Business," opens with Squibb approaching a stranger on the street. He asks if she'd be interested in $10,000, but with one big catch: she'd have to ditch her day job and chase her entrepreneurial dreams.

Squibb throws the question out there: "What kind of business would you start if you had the chance?" Without hesitation, she replies, "A pastry shop!" Seizing the moment, Squibb tells her he's in Hong Kong for three weeks. He proposes a deal: bake some pastries for him and his team, and if they're a hit, he'll help her open her dream shop!

Although stunned by the offer, the stranger took the chance. "48 hours!" she declared. Squibb then inquired how much time she'd need. With a confident reply, she confirmed, "48 hours." They solidified the agreement with a meeting scheduled for Sunday morning.

The tension builds as Squibb waits for the stranger who is running behind schedule, mentioning that he is increasing his initial offer. "Offered someone $50,000 to start their dream business - all they have to do is turn up with a cake that they say they love making," he added before noting that if she doesn't turn up in the next 26 seconds, her dream will be over.

A Chance Encounter And A Life-Changing Offer

Just as they're about to explore other options, the aspiring baker arrives, a touch flustered. "You're cutting it close," Squibb remarked, a playful glint in his eye. But then he catches sight of the magnificent cake she's carrying. "That excuses the lateness" he exclaimed, clearly impressed.

Squibb is impressed not just by the cake itself but also by the young entrepreneur's foresight. He points out her branding on the packaging, a detail hinting at her business savvy. They delve into a conversation about the cake's flavours, building anticipation.

Before taking a bite, Squibb lays out a ten-step plan to turn her dream into reality, offering valuable advice for her bakery journey. Finally, they head to a coffee shop where Squibb, his team, and the aspiring entrepreneur, now known as Daisy, gather to taste her creation.

With the stakes set – a delicious cake equals a funded bakery – Squibb dives in for a taste. His eyes widen in delight. "This is amazing" he exclaims. Taking another bite of the second pastry, he playfully breaks the tension by revealing the simple ingredients: "Eggs, flour, sugar. Magic!" His team eagerly joins the taste test, smiles spreading around the table. Squibb leans back, thoroughly impressed. "Let me tell you," he declares, "if this was a bakery, I'd be a regular customer for sure!"

Wasting no time, Squibb dives into the nitty-gritty. "So, Daisy," he inquires, "what do you need to make it happen?" Her answer is simple yet powerful: "An opportunity and some financial support." A smile spreads across Squibb's face.

Squibb then lays out his plans (without revising the quote). "We may be busy, but we're here to support you. We'll offer guidance, promotion, and even help secure the financial resources you'll need down the line."

However, Squibb recognises that he might not be the perfect long-term investor. "While I might not be your ideal partner forever," he assured her, "I can connect you with the right people - someone like the Godori family, who owns the Peninsula Hotel. With a plan in motion and a promise to stay connected, they seal the deal with a handshake.

Sweet Success: A Dream Realised

In a separate video showcasing their first encounter, Daisy unveils the name for her dream bakery: Racine, a word with French roots. Fast forward, and a video call brings Squibb and Daisy face-to-face again.

He reaffirms his initial promise: "$10,000 to help you quit your day job." Daisy, brimming with excitement, declares she's ready to make the leap. Squibb confirms he'll be sending the money her way. But that's not all! He reminds her of the additional $50,000 HKD pledged to take her bakery to the next level.

Just when Daisy thinks things can't get any better, Squibb hints at an even bigger surprise in store for her. Daisy's dream is taking flight, but to truly soar, she needs a little extra funding.

Enter HelpBnk, who designs a one-of-a-kind launch party for Racine. Here's the twist: 50 of Hong Kong's most influential entrepreneurs will attend – a golden opportunity for Daisy to showcase her talent to potential customers and investors. Will she capitalise on this chance to elevate Racine to the next level?

The launch party was a resounding success! Everyone who attended raved about Daisy's pastries, a testament to her talent and hard work. But the good news didn't stop there. Squibb's YouTube video featuring Daisy's journey had generated a whopping $25,000 HKD.

True to his word, Squibb presented the money to Daisy. "Are you sure?" an overwhelmed Daisy asked, her voice thick with emotion. Squibb's reply was simple yet heartwarming: "I'm sure."

Daisy's story is a testament to the power of believing in your dreams and having the right support system. Running a business can be challenging, but with the right skills and supportive people by your side, the road ahead can be much smoother.

Take Liz Wilcox, for instance. This 36-year-old single mom transformed her excellent email skills into a thriving $40,000-a-month business, proving the power of using your strengths to the fullest. Wilcox and Daisy's story highlights a key trend: women's economic empowerment is not just a social issue but a significant growth driver.

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, advancing women's equality could add a staggering $12 trillion to the global economy by 2025.