Endiatx Pillbot
Swallowable robot PillBot uses AI to ditch invasive exams and enable in-home stomach cancer screening, saving lives and improving access to care. Twitter / İlker Çelik @ilkerclick

A tiny, swallowable robot called PillBot is poised to revolutionise gastrointestinal examinations and internal health data collection. This groundbreaking innovation is undergoing clinical trials and awaits the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review before commercial launch.

Endiatx's PillBot, a remote-controlled, digestible mini-robotic camera, aims to eliminate the need for invasive medical procedures. Nicknamed a "moving eyeball in the stomach," this pill-sized device has pumpjet thrusters, simplifying the process of navigating the digestive system like a multicopter drone.

California-based Endiatx says PillBot allows patients to consult with leading gastroenterologists worldwide from the comfort of their homes. "We're currently in clinical trials with our pill bot technology. We'll be starting pivotal trials at a leading US medical institution in Q3/Q4," Torrey Smith, CEO of Endiatx, told VentureBeat.

A Statistic About Worldwide Cases

Telemedicine advancements are crucial to address the high number of stomach cancers diagnosed too late (11,000 in the US and 800,000 globally). Traditional upper endoscopy (EGD) limitations due to overworked staff and facilities contribute to these delays.

Founded in 2019. Endiatx has focused on developing miniaturised robots for navigating the human body, with applications in both diagnosis and treatment. The PillBot is a game-changer for GI examinations.

This ingestible robotic capsule, equipped with high-resolution cameras, advanced sensors, and wireless communication technology, empowers doctors with exceptional precision and control during examinations.

PillBot's creators envision it as a life-saving innovation that will alleviate pressure on healthcare facilities and revolutionise stomach cancer screening through telemedicine, making it accessible to those with limited hospital access.

By enabling remote examinations and reducing the burden on traditional facilities, PillBot empowers gastrointestinal specialists to reach a wider patient population. Endiatx envisions this innovation as a significant leap forward in telemedicine, offering equitable access to life-saving stomach cancer screening for everyone, regardless of location.

Swallowing Simplicity, Inner Body Insights

PillBot, a miniaturised engineering marvel, measures a mere 13mm by 30mm, designed for effortless swallowing. Once ingested, it navigates the gastrointestinal tract, capturing detailed imagery of your internal organs and providing doctors with valuable insights for diagnosis.

Additionally, PillBot houses an impressive camera setup, capable of capturing high-resolution video at an impressive 2.3MP per second. This real-time feed streams wirelessly to a doctor's computer or mobile device, providing an in-depth, live view of the patient's digestive system.

Unlike traditional endoscopy, which requires a trip to the hospital and can be uncomfortable, PillBot represents a non-invasive and user-friendly approach. Patients simply swallow the capsule, and the examination can be conducted from their homes.

The disruptive potential of this ingenious robot extends beyond convenience. PillBot could revolutionise diagnostics by eliminating the need for costly hospital visits and making early detection and treatment more accessible for everyone.

While PillBot represents a breakthrough in non-invasive diagnostics, it's just one example of how robotics and AI transform healthcare. In Guadalajara, Mexico, a laboratory is leveraging this powerful combination to streamline the IVF process, already helping 11 women achieve pregnancy.

Additionally, a 2020 report indicated that talking robots can help ease loneliness and boost seniors' mental health in care homes, demonstrating the wide range of applications for robots in healthcare settings.