Following the devastating nightclub fire that left 231 people dead in Brazil. A police spokesperson has announced the arrest of 3 people, with a fourth person,believed to be the co owner wanted in connection with the fire at the Kiss nightclub in Santa Maria.

These include the night club owner, who is reported to have confirmed its fire safety certificate had expired last year. A member of the band who allegedly fired a flare during the performance which sparked the fire ,and its security chief who are all being questioned by Police.

Associated Press reported how survivors said security guards briefly tried to block people from leaving the club. As in Brazil, bar owners make customers pay their whole tab at the end of an evening, before they are allowed to leave. Officials are also investigating claims that many of those who died were unable to escape as only one emergency exit was available, as the others weren't working.

But eye witnesses are saying that it seems most of the people died of the toxic smoke, and not the fire. Although full investigations will reveal the exact cause and its deadly impact shortly.

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