Tom Clarke, the front-man for British rock band The Enemy, has lashed out at UK music charts, calling them "full of s**t". He believes big-selling artists and musicians are only successful because of huge financial backing.

"Kind of whatever to the charts, it's full of shit anyway. We took time off and we knew we were coming back into a completely different marketplace. It's the wild west at the moment, it could do anything. The UK music chart at the moment is who's got the biggest bank. We all know Simon Cowell has. if you've got X Factor TV money to put behind it, it's a bonus," New Musical Express (NME) magazine quoted Clarke as saying.

The 26 year old musician, whose band's latest album - Streets in the Sky - charted at number nine in the UK charts, also said he cared more about what the fans thought rather than what position on the charts his album occupied.

"I'm not going to get too excited, I'm just going to see what happens. I'll look it up on Google or wait for my mum to text me. I'm not sure if I can deal with listening to the rest of the s*** just to see where we chart," The Sun quoted Clarke as saying.

"It's been a massive struggle to get here and release the album so I'm just concerned what the fans think. There has been so much positive feedback off the album, I was in bed the other day reading the iTunes reviews and the reaction on Twitter has been good. The work is done, it's time to just get out and play," he added.

Meanwhile, Clarke also took a crack at the 2012 London Olympics, stating he felt the whole event was an "expensive egg and spoon race". Clarke did perform at one of the country's biggest sporting events of the year so far - the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool. However, he confirmed he would stay away from the 2012 Olympics, which are scheduled to start on 27 July.

"It is the biggest waste of money during a double-dip recession that is possible to conceive. It's seems like an over-egged sports day, I just don't get it. I know the Government are going to encourage people to be proud of Britain. I'm proud of Britain when we look after the British taxpayer and the real people in the country," he said, according to The Sun.