A ball boy managed to show incredible stoicism when he was hit in the face by a speeding tennis ball at the Australian Open 2014.

He was standing at the sideline when Florian Mayer's return went out of the court - and straight into the unsuspecting victim's face.

The incident occurred during the fourth round of the tournament.

It was caught on camera, which shows the unidentified ball boy's head snap backwards as the ball hits him square in the face.

Surprisingly, however, he shows incredible stoicism as he immediately gets back up and stands to attention, with his arms behind his back.

Still, despite being in extreme pain, he manages to save face.

His cool demeanour is matched by this previous ball boy, whose incredible catch was caught on camera in 2012.

Dylan Colaci, aged 14, looks both relieved and surprised as he lunges for the ball during the Federer-Nadal match.

It even prompted the commentator to compare him to Australia's prolific slip fielder Ricky Ponting.

Dylan later admitted that while he had previously played club cricket before turning his attention to football.

Enjoying his well-deserved 15 minutes of fame, he said: ''I didn't have much time to think about it. I just stuck my hand out and the ball just stayed there. I couldn't believe it myself but then I just had to get straight on with the match.

"As soon as I got off court everybody was talking about it. My parents texted me and it was on Facebook."

In a move to envy all cricketers, this ball boy also showed off his skills in a Federer match at this month's Australian tournament.

As opponent Teymuraz Gabashvili missed a return on the Federer serve, the ball flew in the direction of the crouched ball boy, who simply stuck out his arm and grabbed it.

The match continued to see Federer victorious, but not before a round of applause for the boy from the crowd.