One of Tunisia's main garment producers, Fashion Wear, is a refreshing beacon for ethical clothing production after the world was rocked by the disaster at the Bangladesh's Rana Plaza complex which killed 1,100 workers.

After the Rana Plaza disaster highlighted the cost of cheap fashion, IBTimes UK's unrivalled access to one of Tunisia's leading garment producers showed that some retailers are honing in on quality and ethical production, to avoid the cost of workers' human rights.

"The cheapness of the Far East, through wages, still remains a challenge for us," said Mhedhbi Mohsen, finance director at Fashion Wear to IBTimes UK in Monastir, Tunisia.

"But we uphold strong ethical standards and have strict safety rules for our employees."

Fashion Wear counts Marks and Spencer, John Lewis and high-end online retailer Boden as its top clients. It produces one million garments a year and employees 600 people.

Unlike many factories abroad, Mohsen gave IBTimes UK uncensored access throughout the Monastir headquarters, where the group packs and dispatches 25,000 units a week.