Two Tottenham Hotspur fans have been stabbed, after around 100 Lazio hooligans attacked them in a bar in Rome. Both supporters have been taken to hospital, with one in a reportedly critical condition after suffering injuries to an artery.

A total of ten Tottenham supporters, nine British and one American, were hurt in the attack, with Italian police saying five Lazio supporters have been arrested. The assault occurred at the Drunken Ship pub in the early hours of this morning. Eyewitness Guiseppe Tamborra described what happened.

"I saw everything from the arch that you see over there. I called the police at a quarter past the hour. I saw four people lying on the ground, one with his forehead cut open from here to here, probably with a stool taken from the bar over there. The Italians were very organised, with helmet, bats, even balaclavas. There were less people in the English group, the others were in a big group."

The Europa League match between the two clubs is being held tonight in the Italian capital, with Spurs fans flooding in last night ahead of the game. Lazio fans are notorious for hooliganism and for being politically associated with the far-right.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner