Not sure how David Cameron or Nick Clegg will be feeling this morning after last night's local election results.

But the Prime Minister and his wife were all smiles yesterday in the hope that things were going to be alright but it clearly isn't now. Some results are yet to come in but the crux of it is that the British public have given the coalition government quite a kick in the teeth. They got up and went out to vote - not quite in their droves - at last sight the turnout was something like 32% - the lowest in over 10 years. And there's no surprise for guessing why there's been apathy. No surprises for guessing that the public have got blood on their shoes: they're tired and angry. The severe cost-cutting measures put in place to cut the UK's budget deficit have been taking its toll.

The Lib , led by Nick Clegg – the Deputy Prime Minister, and the Conservatives, led by Cameron, have both lost hundreds of seats to the Labour. Ed Miliband's party is now in control of 20 councils across England and Wales. He's said already this morning that 'Labour can change Britain for the better'

The much-anticipated result of the London Mayor vote – the outcome of the Boris Johnson vs Ken Livingstone clash - will be in later on tonight too.

Voting results are coming in all the time, so to keep up with the very latest on everything about the Local Elections, keep an eye on our website: