A Coroner investigating the death of MI6 spy Gareth Williams has said there is insufficient evidence to consider a verdict of unlawful killing. Therefore a narrative verdict was most appropriate, as an open verdict would not do justice to the case. A final conclusion will be delivered by Dr Fiona Wilcox later today.

Dr Wilcox, has spent seven days listening to evidence from 39 inquest witnesses, and today's final evidence is expected to include some surprising revelations, not least the disclosure that MI6 had failed to pass over some of Mr Williams' belongings from his office at MI6.

The lawyer for Mr Williams' family believes that in the balance of probability, to use his words,' it is clearly an unlawful killing'. But he accepts there is perhaps insufficient evidence to come to that conclusion."

The decomposing body of 31-year-old Gareth Williams was found in August 2010 inside a red sports bag in the bathtub at his central London flat, a week after he had failed to show up to work.

Williams' death has puzzled investigators, who have struggled to understand how he ended up in the bag, which also contained keys that would have unlocked its padlock. There were no signs of a struggle.

"The coroner says she can't see any other option other than a narrative or open verdict."