Around 3,500 public schools across the United Kingdom were suspended on Thursday due to a teachers' strike against cuts in salaries, pensions and welfare.

Organised by the two biggest teachers' unions in the country, the strike saw faculty members of primary and middle schools gathering on streets at around 10:00 on Thursday before marching toward London's city hall.

A total of 445 schools in London closed due to the national strike, and about another 200 schools in southern Hampshire were also shuttered.

A government-led reform on the teacher salary system reportedly triggered the strike. Teachers around the country showed strong disagreement toward the drops in pension and education investment funds.

"Because I want to protect our working conditions, I want to keep our prepare time, I want to keep the school day the way it is, some holidays as the way they are. Too much for children to change the school day and, of course, I want to protect my pension," said a primary school teacher.

Protesters expressed that the government's cutting of teachers' salaries and pensions after 2016 will decrease graduates' passion for teaching.

"If it doesn't change anything, then there will be a national strike," said a protester.

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