The United States will send the USS George Washington aircraft carrier to support relief efforts in the Philippines, as the U.S. military ramps assistance after a devastating typhoon killed an estimated 10,000 people, a U.S. defence official said on Monday (November 11).

U.S. military cargo planes transported heavy machinery to Tacloban to help with relief efforts on Tuesday (November 12).

The same cargo plane later ferried some Americans out of the disaster zone, including an injured man who was put onto the plane in a stretcher.

About 660,000 people have been displaced and many have no access to food, water or medicine, the United Nations said.

Rescue workers were trying to reach towns and villages that have been cut off by the typhoon, which could reveal the full extent of the loss of life and devastation.

Another U.S. aircraft carrier, the USS Abraham Lincoln, led a massive aid operation off Indonesia's Aceh province in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

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