Victoria Beckham does have a funny side and it shone through while on a flight to China.

Apparently the former pop star-turned-designer became an impromptu flight attendant on Twitter, tweeting: "Cabin crew prepare for landing! Welcome to Beijing!! X vb,", along with a photograph of herself sitting near a flight attendant.

The Daily Mail described her outfit as a "a putty-coloured version of the design wore by Julia Roberts on the red carpet at the Jesus Henry Christ premiere the day before". She was wearing a dress from her own collection.

Victoria has lately been very active on Twitter, in an attempt to reach to fans through the social networking Web site. Earlier, when she made Easter chocolates for her children, she tweeted about that too. In fact, she told Women's World Daily she was enjoying connecting to fans through Twitter.

"It's been a really interesting experience. I would imagine some of the growth can be linked to the fact that I try to give some personal insights to my followers as well as keeping them abreast of the business. I also think that my fans and customers really get to know me and my sense of humour through my tweets. I think people see the real me," she said.

The fashion designer has also taken to Facebook - she launched her official page on her birthday - where she plans to conduct branding exercises.

"Through both Twitter and Facebook I'm looking to provide a sneak peek at the world of the Victoria Beckham brand with a global reach. You can expect to see exclusive photos, video and behind-the-scenes content. Also celebrity images, archive material relating to past collections and all up to the minute news - anything relevant pertaining to the brand and each of its categories. It's also really important to me that the page is visually strong and I have spent a lot of time working on that aspect within the Facebook structure," Victoria added.

In spite of being a mother of four children, it is amazing that Victoria finds time for all her branding, designing and now finally a sense of humour!