Victoria Beckham has a reputation as a fashion trendsetter and is known for bold statements; an example - her new collection inspired by television science-fiction series Star Trek.

A model herself, Victoria showed off a blue and black paneled dress at a promotion event in Vancouver, Canada and, according to the Daily Mail, the block colour pattern, in particular, looked eerily like the costume worn by actress Terry Farrell when she played Jadzia Dax in Star TrekL Deep Space Nine, in the mid 90s.

Meanwhile, the former pop star turned fashion designer (and wife of former Manchester United star David Beckham) did not miss the chance to amuse fans by taking photographs of her in the dress, to post on Twitter

"Full throttle ahead!! X vb," Beckham tweeted, posing as the pilot of an aircraft. Later comments suggested the designer appeared to be doing her make-up and hair on the plane.

"I'm so upset about this carpet x vb," she added.

The designer was later seen in British Columbia, where an exhibition of clothes, accessories, sunglasses and handbags were on display, at the World of Victoria Beckham feature. Unfortunately for fans waiting to see her, the designer's plane was stuck in customs.

Victoria has been tweeting more often than usual in recent times and speculation suggests she is doing so in order to change her image to a more open and chatty one, compared to earlier perceptions of a rather grumpy person.

"Yes, I created this persona and I'm very different from that. I don't feel like I have to scream and shout about it - I know I am a happy person, so I don't get upset when people comment on the fact that I look quite miserable all the time. Sometimes I think the same thing when I look at the pictures," she was quoted as saying by a magazine in Germany.

Meanwhile, Victoria took her three sons shopping earlier and the boisterous trio created quite a mess at the GAP store. So much so, in fact, Victoria was reportedly quite angry with them.

"[She] exploded when she saw the huge mess they'd made in the dressing room - mounds of discarded jeans, T-shirts, etc., cavalierly tossed on the floor - and ordered her messy monsters to pick up, fold or hang every last garment," the Belfast Telegraph reported.