Do you want to become a WWE Superstar but you haven't been spending enough time in the gym? Do not fret because that is just one of the things the entertainment company is looking for in potential talent.

Executive vice-president of WWE Talent, Live Events and Creative, Triple H, can offer some hope. The Game says he is in search of talent with – you might have guessed it – charisma.

Talent with "larger than life personalities. Charisma is king and that's what I'm looking for more than anything," he said on ESPN's First Take as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

"When we're looking for talent we bring in a lot of great athletes. Sometimes they're in phenomenal shape, sometimes they kill the tryout environment, but we're looking for charisma."

He says the talent's presence in the ring should always make heads turn. Apart from charisma they have to be "great athletes and they're huge fans" of pro-wrestling.

"We're looking for the person that walks in the room and everyone turns around and goes 'wow who is that?' We're looking for that natural leader."

"When they're exhausted in the tryout they're there picking everyone up, they're the leader, and that's emergent just naturally. Those are the people we're looking for cause at the end of the day those are the people that can captivate a crowd and they can get you involved."

"We want you to be as large as you can be, captivate that crowd, make your brand, be who you can be. Because when you're successful at that you make the WWE successful at that. If you become the John Cena, The Rock, great for everyone."

Triple H signed 10 Chinese nationals as talents for the WWE development programme last year. He will be on a lookout for talents in Dubai at the end of April.

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