Matt and Jeff Hardy, the current hottest free agents in pro-wrestling scene, are being pursued by the WWE. The deal could see the Attitude Era stars return to the wrestling entertainment company, according to reports.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports the Hardys have been offered WWE contracts, but the terms of the deal are not yet known. While, PWInsider claims that "it's a matter of when, not if" the brothers return to the company.

The report from PWInsider claims that the company is only planning to sign a deal with the former WWE tag team champions, and not Reby or Senor Benjamin.

Although, the WWE is reportedly looking to sign a deal with the brothers, the return of the former WWE stars is facing a roadblock due to one major issue.

According to the report, the schedule is the deciding factor that could derail the return of the brothers to the company. The WWE wants talents to work full-time and the brothers might not be interested in a full time schedule.

Matt and Jeff in February left TNA after talks over their new deal fell apart. At the time, sources told Pro Wrestling Sheet that the wrestling duo was "disrespected" during the contract renegotiations.

Matt confirmed his departure from TNA via Twitter. In his farewell comment, the wrestler called on the promotion to treat its talents with "respect and fairness".

"I wish @IMPACTWRESTLING all the best going forward, especially the INDUSTRIOUS talent. I hope they're all treated with respect & fairness," he said.

"I have never been more AWAKE. The Creative RENAISSANCE is merely beginning. Anything is possible in my #BROKEN Universe......ANYTHING."

Matt Hardy
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