In the 125-108 loss of the Washington Wizards against home team Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday, Wizards player Isaiah Thomas was ejected with pending suspension for confronting fans in the stands. Apparently, Thomas approached a fan who shouted profanities at him with a middle finger three times.

According to the Washington Post, the reason why the fan was angry at Thomas was because he made a free throw. Thomas hit the second of two free throws after missing the first one. That is what provoked the fan to curse the player and give him the finger. At the next time out with 2:53 minutes left to play, Thomas went to the stands to confront the fan who disrespected him.

According to Thomas, he was calm when he confronted the fan, and the other party was quick to apologize. Apparently, he was mad at Thomas for hitting the irrelevant free throw with less than three minutes left to play and the home team ahead by 15. Unfortunately for Thomas, it was relevant to the 76ers fans because there's an ongoing promotion that if an opposing player misses both free throws in the second half of a 76ers home game, the fans in the stands receive a small frosty from Wendy's.

Wizards Coach Scott Brooks didn't know why Thomas went to the stands during the time out. Officials of the game ejected him for "deliberately" entering the stands and unsportsmanlike conduct. The league is investigating the matter pending suspension and a fine.

Thomas explained the incident to reporters in detail post-game. He claimed that he didn't use any "curse words" when he confronted the fan, and the situation was diffused amicably. He claims that it is his personal choice never to allow disrespectful comments personally directed toward him to pass.

Thomas hopes that the league will not push through with his suspension and understand what happened. He claims that he was respectful when he "discussed" the matter with the fan, and the incident was resolved.

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