Hip hop veteran Joe Budden sure knows how to rub young rappers up the wrong way. The 36-year-old Slaughterhouse MC provoked the wrath of Atlanta trio Migos during an interview for Complex's Everyday Struggle at this year's BET Awards.

The writing was on the wall when co-host DJ Akademiks asked Takeoff about being left off of Bad & Boujee, describing it as a running joke. The clearly irritated rapper, keen to set the record straight, then fired back: "Do I look like I was left off of Bad & Boujee?", instantly signalling that the interview had hit awkwardville.

Throughout the backstage chat, Budden appears uninterested by his guest and even scoffs when Akademiks says that Migos are one of his favourite groups.

He decided that he had heard enough and interrupts Akademiks, muttering dismissively "Alright, we gotta wrap this up, though."

"Wrap it up then," says Quavo.

Budden's frustrations get the better of him and he threw his mic down −a move Quavo considered disrespectful. "What you trying to do?" he asked as the group take to their feet and step to the Harlem MC.

Security and members of their entourage try to intervene to prevent an all-out brawl. Presenter Nadeska Alexis can be heard saying: "Where's our security?"

Although Budden shared a clip of the altercation on his Instagram page, a quick scan of social media reveals he is in the doghouse. One fan wrote: "Let me get this straight...Joe Budden got mad cuz dude said Migos was one of his favourite rappers? Smh #BETAwards"

Another said: "Joe budden so mad at everyone else but his career."

When a third informed him that "no one likes you", the former Love And Hip Hop star tweeted back: "Who's here to be liked? They was just a little too sassy for me that's all."