Big Brother 2017
One viewer has even launched a petition on for the reality show to be banned from TV. Channel 5

A petition has been launched to get Big Brother pulled from TV immediately after the reality show descended into total chaos on Sunday night (June 25).

Gary Lack-Jones is spearheading the campaign which accuses producers of plying contestants with alcohol in a bid to provoke them into acts of violence and racial harassment.

The unimpressed viewer from the Luton writes: "Every year this primetime TV show is fronted by unacceptable violence, language, sexual exploitation, and scenes of unacceptable behaviour suitable for television viewing,"

Lack-Jones decided enough was enough after tuning in to see the episode dubbed "fight night" which saw security forced to intervene after as brawl broke out when Isabella insulted Lotan's ability to be a good role model to his son after a task in which they were asked to describe each other's personality traits went awry.

Big Brother said: "Lotan has been removed from the Big Brother house and will not be returning. The events leading up to this will be shown on tonight's [Sunday's] Big Brother at 10pm on Channel 5."

The petition goes on to state that "producers supply the housemates with copious amounts of alcohol, in the hope that it will attempt to cause eruptions with members, namely purposely getting a reaction to make what they think is good TV.

"Year upon year there are scenes of violence, past episodes of racial harassment, unacceptable behaviour and this is condoned by TV producers all in effort to gain viewing figures.

"I am calling for Ofcom to immediately ban this from TV and prevent any further series from being produced."

He is planning to deliver it to Ofcom in the hope of getting it banned "from TV and prevent any further series from being produced" once he reaches his goal of 100 signatures. He currently has 13.

IBTimes UK has reached out to Channel 5 for comment.