A promo image from The Walking Dead season 6 AMC

The aftermath of the intense and explosive developments that took place over the first three episodes of The Walking Dead season 6, will be seen in this week's episode, titled Now. Last week's episode focussed more on Morgan's character and journey and served as a break of sorts from all the mayhem and bloodshed that this season kicked off with.

The upcoming episode's official synopsis reads, "Following a number of setbacks, the mood in Alexandria grows grim for the sheltered citizens."

Meanwhile, TWD fans are hoping to get some closure/confirmation on Glenn's fate post the episode 3 shocker where the character was seemingly devoured by the Walkers. So will we get to see Glenn in Now? "No," states a Q&A posted on The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page. However, actor Norman Reedus wants fans to really "pay attention to everything".

When asked about Glenn's death in a recent interview, Reedus told The Wall Street Journal, "I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that! I had the same feeling, trust me. That's our show. That's what we do. We rip your guts out -- literally."

"It's really entered a mature level of storytelling this time," Reedus continued. "Little tiny things mean so much later. You really have to pay attention to everything. The acting is so on point, the directing is so on point."

The cast and crew members refuse to give any official confirmation on Glenn's death, but actor Steven Yeun's name not being part of the opening credits in last week's episode is indication enough that the actor is no longer a part of the show. After all, this is the first time that his name has been excluded from the credits.

The Walking Dead season 6 episode 5 airs this Sunday, 8 November at 9pm ET on AMC. Click here to watch it online via live stream.